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Folkology's mission is to share the organic folk art heritage of Hungary with the world. This blog is a companion to the shop and its goodies, an online diary that highlights the latest news from around the house of Folkology.

Hungarian Easter egg decoration kit now available

Girl in mermaid trumpet dressesI am very excited to be able to offer a lovely easter egg painting kit, available now at the Folkology Shop. This kit is handmade by a folk artisan family in Budapest, Hungary and it offers a fun hands-on crafty experience in Hungarian traditions. (If embroidery is too ambitious for you, try this kit to get aquainted with the unique decorative heritage of Hungary.)

The kit includes a handmade wax pen that is used to draw motifs on the eggs with beeswax. The eggs are then immersed in dye, and the waxed areas remain undyed, just like with batik fabric. Read more about Hungarian easter egg decoration and see our Easter collection.

Photo: Hungarian Museum of Ethnography

New Year’s Sale at Folkology – the details

We are having an insane new year’s sale event here at Folkology. The sale starts January 11th and ends January 22nd, 2007

Update January 22nd: The sale is now over, but the remaining calendars are now only $9.90 while supplies last. Last chance to grab them!

BUÉK! – Happy New Year from Folkology

Fun fact to start off the new year: Did you know that in Hungary it is perfectly OK to abbreviate New Year’s wishes verbally or in writing? In Hungarian Happy New Year translates as “Boldog új évet!”, but its abbreviation is used just as often as the whole phrase: B.U.É.K. (pronounced as “boo ake”). You can say it, or write it down, it’s perfectly OK to use (maybe not in the most formal settings, but between family, friends and coworkers, it’s the norm). It’s even used as the printed message on commercial greeting cards.

So BUÉK from Folkology, may your 2007 be filled with egészség (health) and boldogság (happiness)!

P.S.: Grab one of our wall calendars before they are gone, and have a piece of Budapest in your home the whole year long.