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Folkology Blog

Welcome to our blog

Folkology's mission is to share the organic folk art heritage of Hungary with the world. This blog is a companion to the shop and its goodies, an online diary that highlights the latest news from around the house of Folkology.

Grand opening!

The new Folkology shop is now open to everyone. Welcome and have fun browsing our new goodies!

New site, new products, new shop, oh my!

If you have been to Folkology before, you will notice that we look different this time. Not only that, but there is a newly redesigned shop with a brand new collection of Hungarian crafts and culture.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the new Folkology, and invite you to look around our new site. The new shop is currently open only to those close friends of Folkology who received the early-access password from us in email. The curtains open for the rest of the world at midnight this Sunday. (If you’d like us to remind you when the new shop opens, click here to tell us and we will email you at midnight this Sunday when you can visit the shop.) Update 11/27: We are now open!

Until then, here is a sneak peak into what is waiting for you, in addition to our cross stitch pattern collection, when we open:

The new shop is easy to use and you can now pay by Paypal directly (as well as by bank transfer for our European customers).

Happy browsing and thanks for being among the first to visit the new site! Greetings from Budapest, Katalin