About our mission to revive organic folk art needlecrafts

In these lightning-fast, mesmerizing modern times, we at Folkology believe it’s worth stopping for a moment to observe and pick up the small treasures left behind by our long-gone centuries and ancestors. That’s why we are now making some of these intriguing treasures available to you.

Photos from the collection of the Hungarian Museum of EthnographyThe small country of Hungary is snuggled cozily in between the mountains of Central Europe. Hungarians settled down in that area a millennium ago, where their steadfast culture survived the comings and goings of European history’s storms. Throughout the centuries, while battles raged and royals reigned, flourished and then vanished, peasant families in tiny villages lived their humble lives, creating their own everyday objects as they needed them.

Whether it was a linen spread for their beds or a tool necessary for the fields, their handiwork skills were coupled with a unique ornamental style, one that even to this day remains unmatched in authenticity and balance. This organic design heritage is now revived and brought back to life in Folkology’s creations and products sourced from Hungarian craftsmen and our quality suppliers.

Folkology Cross Stitch

Folkology creates needlecraft patterns based on Hungary’s centuries’ old organic needlecraft traditions. These patterns and techniques have not only stood the test of time and survived, but they’ve also evolved into a rich heritage of mature and innovative design. Now, thanks to Folkology, they are available in easy to use charts and kits so you can bring the long-lost Hungarian past back to life in your own home.

As you stitch these lovely patterns, you will experience firsthand the creativity the diligent peasant women who developed these elegant curves, motifs and colors put into their designs. Enrich your stitching with designs that use liberatingly simple techniques yet always produce delicate eye candy, no matter what items you choose to decorate with them. See them now!

wedding dresses 2016Since the Middle Ages, Hungarian peasant women (and men!) have been stitching painstakingly detailed garments and household textiles. Over the years, these tireless individuals developed a unique decorative style, one that is strikingly different from the “Western” needlecraft traditions in many ways: in its motifs, in its colors, in its simple yet elaborate techniques and in its abundance of regional styles within the small Hungarian country. Grab a piece of this heritage and help Folkology revive the legacy of these diligent women. Preserve the unique ornamental decorative style of Hungary for an eternity with your very own Folkology piece. Explore our selection of enticing designs!

Our History

Folkology is managed by Katalin Török, an entrepreneur with a great interest in arts, crafts and design. A native of Budapest, Hungary, Katalin made her first cross stitches at the age of 10, patiently guided by her late grandmother’s hand.

In 2000, she discovered online auctions and quickly established a small business selling crafts, cultural items and collectibles from her home country. Thanks to their originality and rareness, these items were sought after by people all around the globe. Traditional arts and crafts and items featuring Hungarian folk designs in particular were a big hit with her customers, so she decided to launch a collection of modern cross stitch packages based on Hungary’s needlecraft heritage.

Folkology was born the summer of 2004, while the company’s first product line, Folkology cross stitch patterns, launched in the autumn of that same year. Katalin is excited to introduce more and more crafters around the world to her homeland’s unique design heritage.

In November 2006, the Folkology shop was redesigned and new product lines were launched. Folkology now carries a diverse collection of items, all with a common theme: Hungarian organic design, crafts and culture. We invite you to join us in preserving it!